Audio board : Design

1 Jul 2019

Another busy week, so another short post I’m afraid.

As I sent the larger project I’ve been working on, off for production this weekend I thought I might write about that.

It’s an audio board with a STM32F730R8 as the processor, a TI PCM1860 as the input ADC, and a TI PCM5101 for the output.

If it all works as expected I’ll be able to build a whole load of audio things, from hardware digital synths and audio effects units, to USB input/output devices. I stuck full size MIDI in/out ports on it so it can be plugged into keyboards or be used to drive them.

You can look at the schematic if you’re interested.

Some pages look a little sparse and that’s because there was going to be a whole load of CV in/out stuff as well, but I couldn’t get it to fit on the 100x100mm board. For a while I thought about separating it onto a second daughter board and having the two connect via headers, but I decided to just get this board finished, rather than spending ages on it.

Here’s some renders from KiCADs board layout tool: Top view of the PCB Bottom view of the PCB View looking north-west of the PCB View looking south-east of the PCB

Now I’ve just got to wait for the PCBs to turn up, and if they look ok, I’ll order the bits and see if the whole thing works.