Arturia Keylab Foot

5 Jan 2019

Download from Thingiverse:

You can never have enough desk space, especially when you’ve got large toys on it :) .

Late last year I decided I wanted to learn the Keyboard, I played a little for fun while growing up but never did much.

After seeing a video on the Anderton’s Youtube channel about the higher model (Arturia Keylab 61 MKII - The Most Integrated Midi Keyboard Ever?) I ended up getting the Keylab 49 Essential version. For my purposes it’s pretty much the same (but without aftertouch and CV outputs) and still comes with Analogue Lab 3.

The problem is there wasn’t quite space for it in the most comfortable place on my desk, mostly due to where the cable comes out of my computer keyboard. Normally I would have grabbed some bits of wood and built a little stand, but this seemed like a good job for my Ender 3.

After a little fiddling in Blender I came up with this:

Keylab Foot

Keylab Foot in place

It prints without any supports and with one under each of the 4 feet on the corners of the keyboard now fits on my desk.

Pity I can’t print something to prevent my cat from trying to sit infront of my mouse or keyboard when I’m trying to use them.